Join your counterparts, customers and colleagues from 50 seaports from the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America in one place over three days.


Welcome to the 4th Annual Port of the Future Conference

The 2023 Port of the Future ConferenceTM will address the urgent and emerging  issues facing ports of entry, regulators, and associated industries. 

This year’s Conference seeks to bring the leaders of 50 seaports from the United States and Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Central and South America to Houston  – to apply their vast accumulated knowledge and experiences to address the port and maritime industries’ most pressing challenges, formulate viable solutions, and highlight best practices. 

Featuring keynote presentations, case studies, panel, interviews, and breakout discussions, the fourth annual Port of the Future ConferenceTM is a must-attend event for Port Executives in 2023. 

Poised for Growth

2021 Virtual Event

  • 800+ Registrants
  • 175 Speakers
  • 20 Sponsors and Partners

2022 In Person Event

  • 400+ Registrants
  • 60+ Speakers
  • 20 Sponsors and Partners

7 Impactful Tracks

  • AI and Automated Port of the Future
  • Digitalization and Information Sharing
  • Decarbonization and Alternate Fuels
  • Port Energy and Sustainability
  • Intermodal Connectivity
  • Port and Maritime Cybersecurity
  • Port Security


The 2023 Port of the Future ConferenceTM  is shaped by research and innovation, advances in technology, increased dependence on automation, enhancements in data security and information sharing, and heightened environmental compliance – all impacting the ability to move cargo and people rapidly and securely across international borders.

This conference, now in its fourth year, focuses on creating and revitalizing our Nation’s seaports, infrastructure, and processes – across maritime, air, land, and cyber domains. 

Participants will hear from industry leaders, government agency executives, and prominent researchers on their visions for Ports of the Future, projected trends and emerging challenges, promising research, and new, innovative technology. 


In 2023, we expect the Port of the Future ConferenceTM to grow significantly in size. The Conference is pleased to announce  strategic partnerships with:

  • The International Port Community Systems (IPCSA) Association; and
  • The Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP) of the Organization of American States whose influence will help extend the Conference’s outreach in Central and South America; and
  • The International Propeller Club.

Special Events

Port Houston Tour Has been moved to April 5th at 6:00PM!

Student Research Poster Contest
Port Endeavor Exercise

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