Dr. Anima Bose

Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Technology
Director of Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage Lab, College of Technology
University of Houston

Dr. Anima Bose is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Technology and Director of Sustainable Energy Conversion and Storage laboratory at the University of Houston’s College of Technology. Dr. Bose has expertise in Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technology. Her major research concentrations on developing and integrating fuel cell and green hydrogen technologies. Her work seeks to advance environmental resilience through energy innovation in transportation and stationary power.

Over the last 25 years of carrier time Dr. Bose has organized and led numerous mini conferences and workshops to promoting H2-Fuel Cells (currently involved in the road map of H2@Scale). She has received research funding from the Department of Energy, the Department of Transportation, NASA and Air Force STTR to enhance the Fuel Cells and water Electrolysis R&D enabling transportation electrification. At her current institution, she is involved in the University of Houston Energy Office to forge alternative clean energy solutions.

She serves as a strategic contributor to the Energy and Sustainability Minor (E&SM) program at where she worked closely with Director of E&SM, Joe Pratt on education innovation of Minor Program development. She has developed and teaches several courses in the field of sustainable alternative energy, including a hands-on Hydrogen and Fuel cell learning. She is in the process of developing a graduate program to create a trained workforce in Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies.

Her research covers: development of membrane for electrochemical device development including fuel cell and electrolysis, electrocatalyst and nanomaterials. One of the highlights of her research is the improvement in performance, selectivity and durability of the 55 years state-of-art NAFION™ brand membranes.