Timothy Brown

Managing Director, Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (SCL)
Georgia Institute of Technology

Timothy Brown serves as Managing Director of Georgia Tech’s Supply Chain & Logistics Institute (SCL). Mr. Brown has over 30 years of experience in supply chain optimization and strategy through work in industry operations, consulting services, and as an educator. He is responsible for strategic planning and development of executive education programs at SCL. He also serves as the liaison to on- and off-campus professional associations, organizations, and individuals regarding development and delivery of programs in support of expanding SCL’s global mission to enable supply chain professionals, businesses, and governments to transform complex supply chains, improve logistics performance, and increase competitiveness by applying education, innovation and emerging practices.

In his years in consulting, he served as an executive in the supply chain engineering practices at Coopers & Lybrand/SysteCon, Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), IBM Global Services, and Chainalytics. He has served as an advisor to Chief Executive Officers, Chief Supply Chain Officers, and various Vice Presidents of some of the world’s most respected firms in supply chain management. He has led numerous international supply chain strategy projects, co-authored the supply chain strategy section of an international textbook, and taught industry courses and seminars in supply chain optimization in eight countries.

Mr. Brown’s work has spanned nearly every industry segment including: consumer electronics, industrial products, higher education, consumer products, food and beverage, oil and gas, utilities, telecommunications, forest products, automotive, heavy equipment, footwear and apparel, retail, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals.

Mr. Brown holds an MBA from Georgia State University and a BS in Management Science/Industrial Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.