Robert Le Monde

Policy Analyst
U.S. Dept of Homeland Security Office of Strategy, Policy, and Plans

Rob is an experienced and certified emergency manager with a successful and diverse career serving in the U.S. Coast Guard, responding to disasters across the U.S., Caribbean, and Pacific and working extensively with the maritime industry. He is skilled in bridging and balancing regulatory, strategic, and technical demands with often competing interests among government, business, and public concerns. He is a strong collaborator and systems-thinker, skills honed at Presidio Graduate School where he earned both a Master’s of Business and Public Administration in sustainability and subsequently co-founded Hypha Collective, a business consulting firm. He is passionate about the environment, graduating from the College of Charleston with a degree in marine biology. Rob, and his scuba-diving, nature-loving, and wander-lust family, are grateful for the blessings of living on Piscataway land, also known as Alexandria, Virginia.