Port Endeavor Program

2024 Info Coming Soon

The Port Endeavor Game was developed in a workshop organized by IAPH in the spring of 2019, involving a broad selection of its member ports from around the world. The goal of this serious game is to communicate in an entertaining and educational manner how ports can successfully apply the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The game lets the participants represent fictional ports that have to face different challenges all related to specific SDG’s. It is the team’s task to choose a solution for their challenge that will answer to a maximum amount of SDG’s, whilst also keeping a budget in mind. Next to this, a series of events may arise which can complicate the implementation of their chosen solution.

The winner of the game is the port which has collected the most SDG’s and is therefore the most sustainable port of the group.

The game will be followed by a debrief to check in with the participants and discuss which challenges they recognised in the game and possible solutions they are implementing or have already implemented in their own port environment. Additionally, we elaborate on the World Port Sustainability Program of IAPH and the different projects it entails.