Brian A. Shajari

Principal Consultant
ABS Global Government Services

Brian Shajari is a Principal Consultant with ABS Group and specializes in vessel/port cybersecurity and risk management. Throughout his career with ABS Group, he has served as a consultant to private industry, US Coast Guard entities, CISA, and other government agencies to implement cybersecurity practices and has additionally authored maritime cybersecurity guidance for port facilities. With 21 years of professional experience in operational intelligence, MTSA/CFATS regulatory compliance, marine safety, and cybersecurity, he has served in various roles supporting compliance with maritime regulations, authoring cybersecurity policies, emergency management, and contingency planning. Additionally, he previously served as a credentialed Facility Security Officer (FSO) at a large MTSA/CFATS-regulated facility for four years allowing him to combine both physical and cyber security standards into daily security practices.

From 2002-2015, he served in the active component of the United States Coast Guard as a Port Security Specialist and an Intelligence Specialist. During this tenure, he conducted hundreds of port facility and vessel security assessments, provided cyber intelligence analysis to tactical commanders, and served on deployed assets as a signals intelligence analyst. As an intelligence professional in the US Coast Guard, he has worked in various intelligence disciplines throughout the globe, allowing him to leverage this experience as an effective risk management consultant, a threat analyst, and a cybersecurity subject matter expert.

Aside from FSO duties, Brian holds various emergency management qualifications. Brian serves on the Southeast Texas/SW Louisiana Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) as the cybersecurity subcommittee chairman and is a recognized cybersecurity subject matter expert in the maritime industry throughout the Gulf Coast. He has additionally participated in the Southeast Texas Waterways Advisory Council (SETWAC) , INFRAGARD Southeast Texas, the Sabine-Neches Chief’s Association, and the regional AMSC FSO Subcommittee as a cybersecurity advisor. Brian holds a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity from American Military University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Lamar University. He actively participates in Beaumont Rotary Club, the US Coast Guard Bagpipe Band, and the US Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association.