Paal Thorson

Bravo Group USA

Paal Thorsen Is the director of Bravo Group USA, a ship brokering company with Headquarters in Genoa, Italy. He has been working in maritime shipping since 1991 in a variety of roles for ship-owning, ship-brokering and energy companies in Italy, Greece, Norway and USA. For the last 20 years, he has worked in the Houston shipping community with a special focus on natural gas transportation. Paal worked for 6 years at BG Group including heading up the maritime technology program where the team worked on a variety of ideas including Eco LNG Carriers, LNG as Marine fuel projects and hybrid battery technologies. He is also presently the President of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce which support networking across Norwegian and US interests in Ocean Economy, Offshore O&G, Maritime Transportation, Aero-Space, Health Sciences and Retail sectors.