Karrie Trauth

Senior Vice President and Global Head of Shipping and Maritime

Karrie joined Shell in 2012 and, since 1st August 2021, has been responsible for the Shell Group’s Global shipping and maritime activities, including ships, barges, drilling units, floating production facilities, and related operations. She is a leading spokesperson on safety and the environment, improving the efficiency of shipping and maritime operations and driving technology and innovation, including digitalization and decarbonization.

Karrie began her career as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy, serving as one of the first groups of women assigned in combat ships.

Karrie is an Advisory Council Member of American Bureau of Shipping and Chair of the Blue Sky Maritime Coalition. She is also a Supervisory Board member at the UK Chamber of Shipping and also Co-Chair of their Shipping Defence Advisory Committee.

Born in the US, Karrie holds Bachelors and Masters engineering degrees from MIT, and an MBA from Georgetown University. She is married to Angela and lives in London.